Riccardo Veronese

Guitar/Bass & Keys


Justin Buller



About Aphonic Threnody

Aphonic Threnody is a international project and Funeral Doom collective founded by Riccardo Veronese (Gallow God) and Roberto Mura (URNA) towards the end of 2012. Their first release featured Kostas on keys (Pantheist, Wijlen Wij), Abel (Leecher) on cello and Marco (URNA) on drums. The EP "First Funeral" was released through two well known European Doom Metal underground labels Avantgarde Music (CD) and Elektroplasma/TerrorFromHellRecords (Vinyl). The CD  included a bonus cover track of the My Dying Bride classic "Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium".


During the Summer of 2013 the band started recording the full-length album "When Death Comes". The new album featured Greg Chandler (Esoteric) on guitar, Josh Moran (Vacant Eyes) on guitar and David Unsaved (Ennui) vocals as guests.


In November 2013, the band debuted a live opening for Esoteric at London show, organised by Funeral Of Mankind Promotion, and sharing the stage also with Fen and Wodensthrone. At the end of 2013 GS Productions released "Immortal In Death" (split with the Georgian Funeral Doom Ennui - March 2014) and "Of Graves, Of Worms And Epitaphs" (split with the German Funeral Doom one-man-band Frowning - April 2014) featuring Jarno (Shape of Despair) on guitar.

In June 2014 the band started working with Jerome Siegelaer (Dutch director who has been working, among the others, for the visual of YOB during the Roadburn Festival 2014 and with Enslaved for their video clip "Thoughts Like Hammers" in 2012) for a vide oclip which was released in September 2014. During August 2014 Kostas left the band as a full time member and Juan - Astor Voltaires - Escobar (ex-Mar De Grises) joined on keys. The song "Buried Them Deep" for the split album "Of Poison and Grief" (Four Litanies for the Deceased) with In Lacrimaes Et Dolor (ITA), The Blessed Hellbrigade (ITA) and Y'HA-NTHLEI (ITA)is released with GS Productions. In October 2014

"When Death Comes" is released by Dementia Records on CD and Vinyl. During 2017 the album "Of Loss and Grief" is released on CD by Terror From Hell Records in 2017. 


In 2019, the band welcomed Justin Buller (InOblivion) on guitars and the band signs a two album deal with Indian label Transcending Obscurity Records.

In October 2020, the band released their third full length album "The Great Hatred" through Transcending Obscurity and it

receives great reviews. Juan Escobar left the band after this release.


The band have already two new albums in the works with one already set for release which will feature Daniel from 'Clouds' on vocals and Val from 'Frowning' on drums. This will be set for release on 23rd April 2021.