The All Consuming Void

"The All Consuming Void is a mesmerizing and wonderful offering. It's a record that you are going to get lost in and which sees the band building on their guttural growls and golden guitar tones in order to refine something mystical and powerful."


- Matt Bacon - Two Guys Metal Review


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“There is darkness everywhere, in the serenity of our thoughts, deep encompassed into our very beings, on the endless canvas of our dreams. There is darkness inside the soil beneath our feet and in the heavens above us. A fad, tenebrous gloom enshrouded in suffering and misc., in the coming of time to pass once more guiltless and ignorant. There is a void, all-consuming and ruthless, an emptiness which expands to the very core of our souls, imploding, thundering and monstrous. An impending prophecy that stands the sands of time."



"APHONIC THRENODY have once again graced the world with a top tier doom album that shows us that being slow and depressed doesn't mean you can't be beautiful and moving as well. The album opens with "Restless," and, goddamn, this is the kind of doom I love. This song is slower than grass growing, darker than night, and heavier than lead. Clean notes speckle this doomed landscape before the distortion comes creeping in." 10/10 -


"The band’s compositions are vast and imposing. The haunting melodies are powerfully-wrought, pulling the listener into the band’s immersive world of extreme doom. The guitars, (alongside everything else), create atmospheric songs that are absorbing and compelling. The latest Aphonic Threnody album is a real funeral doom treat. The All Consuming Void does exactly what you’d want a funeral doom album to do, and it does it exceptionally well." -


“All these elements together create a particularly enjoyable sadness and an album that is among the best that funeral doom has to offer.

Over five songs, varying in length from nine to over twenty minutes, this incarnation of Aphonic Threnody delivers nothing less than the soundtrack for the moment the title speaks of.” -


“Don’t let that make you think for a second that the gargantuan weight is not enjoyable because it is. Aphonic Threnody have pulled another blinder here. The rich detail is what captivates, the cleaner sound overall with the heightened atmosphere, the live drumming and sparingly used vocals combine to make something truly outstanding." 9/10 -


“The current work, on the other hand, is darker, sedately fixes the mood barometer at six feet below ground level and makes it clear why "Funeral Doom" actually means "Funeral Doom". The rampant grief and the ghostly silence of a contemporary funeral ceremony are omnipresent and leave little room for contrary impressions.” -


"This music still has a negative message, hopelessness, emptiness and sadness - the slowly moving, depressing, gloomy riffs hit like powerful waves of despondency. The drums beat a slow rhythm like killing a coffin with nails." 8/10 -


“A beseeching feeling, a feeling of yearning, comes through in the outstretched arms of the rising chords, but the lead guitar’s wailing tones also begin to channel heartbreak and desolation.” - No Clean Singing -


"The All Consuming Void is a mesmerizing and wonderful offering. It's a record that you are going to get lost in and which sees the band building on their guttural growls and golden guitar tones in order to refine something mystical and powerful. It's a delight to really feel the power of this record and the more time you spend with its mythic craft the more I think it becomes clear just how good Aphonic Threnody are. A record with serious year end list potential, this is a must listen for any fans of death doom, new or old. It's that good." -


"Like all deep emotion, expression starts with a drizzle and light thunder. Something is on its way. Will it breeze on by, as you sit on your porch? Will it completely, for hours, blot out the sun? Will all of your feelings, like trees, be torn from the roots? Only way to know is to stay in the thick of it. Enjoy the ride. And, holy shit, how crazy a ride “Restless”? First of all, Veronese and Buller as a guitar duo is ridiculously haunting and beautiful. Together they manage to pull off a sound I’m not convinced exists elsewhere." -


“Restless. This song brings to the table everything a funeral doom fan could want. Low, deep, tormented vocals. Bleak, haunting Gregorian-chant cleans. But Justin Butler (guitars) and Riccardo Veronese (guitars, bass, keys) deserve credit where credit is due. The eerie melody and atmosphere in this track will make you want to weep. Even without reading the lyrics, you’ll feel this song in your gut. It may shred your heartstrings, but isn’t that what good art should do? “ -