First Funeral

"I can not remember the last time I’ve heard the album with this good production without being polished at all."

- Pure Nothing Worship magazine 


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"I can not remember the last time I’ve heard the album with this good production without being polished at all. “First funeral” is a fantastic EP which every fan of heavy and slow metal music should have in his / her collection." - Pure Nothing Worship magazine 

"If you have the slightest interest in Funeral Doom, or the slower end of Death/Doom, you should, quite simply, buy 'Immortal In Death' while you can. Either track is worth the price (and, to my mind, this is easily the best thing Aphonic Threnody have done yet): together, the feeling of completeness and synthesis between the two acts makes it pretty much essential. And keep an ear out for both bands in future: they have something rather special about them." Doom  metal.com 

"It is clear that this music expresses negative emotions and a total lack of hope. Even the most hardened critic may have to re-evaluate the worth of their existence when this EP is over. It is one deep, diverse, and emotionally draining journey. Surely one that you won’t soon forget." - Be Alive as the Dead. 

"First Funeral should enchant and convert the hordes of Doom followers out there. It is classy and inspired, beautiful and yet stricken, and ferociously musical." -  Doom-Metal.com

"The five songs from "First Funeral" are a perfect example of something extremely heavy gently laying down on your ears: slow, long, gloomy, trapping the listener into a vortex of despair and tormented helplessness." - Aristocrazia webzine. 

Hollow entwines ethereal melodies with anvil-heavy doom riffs, pulverizing percussion, and harrowing vocal power. It hints at cosmic mysteries while swallowing the listener whole in a volcanic pit of despair. Stupendous!" - No Clean Singing. 

"the songs hit by virtue of a songwriting guessed, alternating extreme heaviness, almost liturgical atmosphere and unexpected outbursts, not to mention a touch of flair" Metal Italia. 

"The music is stirring and heavy and yet manages to be elegant, it’s a fine balance, usually there’s melodrama or dryness, with bands losing focus or intent, but Aphonic Threnody has managed that beautifully on its debut album titled ‘First Funeral’." - Sputnik Music. 

"utilising deep growled vocals, vast slow riffs and a cosmic feeling melodic undertone". - Destructive Music. 

"Clear that the pace is slow and clear that the mood is depressed., but otherwise will work to put a smile on the face of those who love and have missed this type of doom." - Metalimperium. 

"All four tracks are almost exactly below the limit of ten minutes and unfold not only dark, but also beautiful pleasantly harmonious." - Crossfire Metal. 

"This album is endowed with the keyboards of Pantheist's mastermind Kostas Panagiotou bringing a gloomy melancholic atmosphere." - Heavy Rocks.