The Great Hatred

"An absolutely must have doom metal album that encompasses everything that makes the genre so great and once again shows me why it is my favorite style." 

-  Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier

Of Loss and Grief

“This is a colossal 73-minute journey into darkness, travelling with the band through crushing soundscapes of emotional distress and internal ruin."

-  WonderboxMetal

"Aphonic Threnody are strong, in the mourning of the path and already proven performers, working a luxurious, glamorous, sophisticated Funeral Doom."

- GSP  Magazine

When Death Comes

"If you know what is the real doom appreciate this magnificent work that takes you to a dark, morbid and delicious world for over an hour."

- Necromance 


Of Graves, Of Worms and Epitaphs

"Every once in a while, a release emerges which captures the essence of a particular style perfectly, epitomising its strongest sides."


Immortal In Death

"The total creates the fantastically realistic picture of the soul bearing heavy burden of loss, striking with the depth and tragic element."

- Artmania-journal.blogspot 

First Funeral

"I can not remember the last time I’ve heard the album with this good production without being polished at all."

- Pure Nothing Worship magazine 


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