The Great Hatred

"An absolutely must have doom metal album that encompasses everything that makes the genre so great and once again shows me why it is my favorite style." 

-  Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier


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“The year is almost over and what a year it has been. But it has also been a hell of a year for doom as well. With an album like APHONIC THRENODY’s “The Great Hatred,” I am reminded that good things are still out there and the genre isn’t done yet. There are so many things to love about this album that I’m afraid that my review can’t even explain it correctly. An absolutely must have doom metal album that encompasses everything that makes the genre so great.” - 10/10 

“Juan and Riccardo have dignified a genre with a brutal sample of compositional quality, technical ability and great conviction to play Funeral Doom with mastery.” 10/10 - 

"The Great Hatred is a great album that manages to balance the light and the dark within it extremely well, making for a creative and imaginative musical roller coaster that is bound to keep most listeners hooked from start to finish." 9/10 -

"Aphonic Threnody, a lament unspoken… perhaps; but if it is unspoken, then it has surely been sung and equally wrung from the strings of guitars and the skins of drums." 5/5 -

“If this massive steamer were a British passenger ship around 1912, it would maneuver its iceberg at a snail's pace to the New York harbor and refine it into crushed ice on the quay wall. Speed ​​isn't everything.” 4/5 - 

“This is an album that is full of emotion, ok it’s a fairly sad emotion, but after a couple of listens it really starts to be affecting. This is also an album packed with tunefulness and melody, I have been humming most of the tracks on this album this week, it really doesn’t take long before the tunes are stuck in your head. This is a stunning piece of Death/Doom, and is highly recommended”. 9/10 - 

“The constant alternation of calm, melancholy parts and huge riff monsters creates a musical density, and despite the excess length, the six songs never seem boring”. 8.5/10 - 

“The compositions are carefully and deeply layered to create an immersive experience. The atmosphere is a preternatural inescapability and if the music does not provide comfort for the terminal subjects in their waning moments it does offer surety that the path is unalterable and that, in the absence of acceptance, there is only suffering. This album is going to be high on my 2020 Funeral Doom list.” - 

“On the whole this is sweet elegance with roses as opposed to a dirty field with a empty grave awaiting an occupant.” - 

“As autumn sets in, Transcending Obscurity brings us Aphonic Threnody's latest death doom eulogy 'The Great Hatred'. It will be your funerary companion in this gloomy season. The soundtrack to the onset of autumn.” 8.2/10 - 

““The Great Hatred’ is, quite simply, a phenomenally beautiful doom recording that is, as you would demand, layered simplistically but crushingly powerfully and contains enough ‘crunch’ to let those genre-warriors stick the ‘death/doom’ sticker right in the middle of its cold, ghostly forehead.” - 

“Dark, moody doom death with gothic touches is a dish best served in an isolated, wintery cabin where only faint hints of sunlight can penetrate the deep freeze. Aphonic Threnody attempt to deliver exactly this kind of dour dish on their third album The Great Hatred.” - › aphonic...Web resultsAphonic Threnody - The Great Hatred Review | Angry Metal ... 

“"The Great Hatred", the new exploration of the roots of the human soul, takes almost an hour of music to accomplish its task: to bare the universe of emotions that dwell in the hearts of men. Slowly, sometimes softly, sometimes roughly. Without a shadow of a doubt, inexorably. A reason that finds its own fecundating yeast in the desire to mix music with feelings.” - 

“Sadness and despair are on the menu today. You may say that you had that for the whole of 2020 already, true. But you never yet listened to Aphonic Threnody and its stream of tears.” 8-10 - 

“For many "The Great Hatred" could be a decidedly heavy assimilation record, while lovers of these funereal sounds will appreciate every moment of this monument to death and pain that makes a perfect soundtrack to these cold and rainy autumn days.” 4.5/5 - 

“ Aphonic Threnody’s universe opens anew its gates, unveiling a dark, ice-cold and majestic richness. The Great Hatred is a haunting and ringing album, that never suffers from its tracks’ important length.” 85/100 - 

“In metaphor, the basic experience of listening to the music feels like watching a wedding or funeral at half speed, on mute, and in reverse.” 8/10 - 

“The atmospheric Doom-Metallers from APHONIC THRENODY present a very successful longplayer with “The Great Hatred”, which is especially convincing due to its epic intensity, its dark brutality and its melodic melancholy.” - 

“‘The Great Hatred’ is a six track, fifty-six-minute offering, which is a very cathartic listen, bleak yet beautiful, haunting yet melodic, painfully crushing yet empowering and uplifting”. - 

“The Great Hatred” definitely won’t assist you if you’re in a heavy darkness yourself, that is if you want to find some positivity or hope. But what Aphonic Threnody do so well is give you music than can be a partner while you wallow and try to heal, writhing in the juices of your own pain. This is a dramatic, pummeling record that can only serve to help callous your fragile psyche.” - 

“Suffocating doom with welcoming oblivion but first The Rise of the Phoenix and then The Fall. The final pairing continue the absolutely phenomenal efforts Aphonic Threnody have put it so far. Both gargantuan, both affecting and detailed, both cold and haunted but most of all, both modern doom classics. Easily one of the best doom releases of the year.” - 

“Drowning” is a complete musical delight full of a nostalgic and autumnal setting, with a central passage sung in a pure dreamy and mysterious way, but at the same time it adorns that darkness with its hypnotic melodies; one of my favorites from work.” - 

“Aphonic Threnody have conceived an album that will ask you to face your feelings and beckon you for a re-listen.” - 

“It will be autumn soon and I already know what I will listen to today. Yes, you guessed it right - APHONIC THRENODY. Because they are real, believable, mysterious and their doom metal is magical. Forever, amen! An excellent tribute to the shadows!” - 

“The Great Hatred paints mesmerizing pictures of desolation with each track and each riff, which is a distinctive mark of a well crafted, meaningful funeral doom album.” -

“The instrumental sounds thunderous and powerful in the fragments in which the rhythms are slow and the main voice is dominated by an icy guttural carrier of a marvelous rawness, on the other hand, the track also has more melodious short parts in which said atmosphere is makes it more in person, perfectly combined in this way with a melodic voice but of great darkness.” - 

“They simply bring so much to the table and the bands raw talent is so incredibly obvious. It's a delight to sink deep into what the band has done here and revel in their tormented layers. When Death Comes is a stunner through and through. It routinely trumps what was previously thought possible by the band and hints at bold new futures where they manage to take on the world. This is a death doom band of the highest order, in a year defined by great music from the genre, a year that feels like a death doom song itself.” - 

“Just knowing that someone from the aforementioned act is behind Aphonic Threnody drew me in even closer to what’s been done all throughout “The Great Hatred” even after I feel into this release for all of its exquisite delights. Even if it’s just one member who’s just on the guitars, that talent and expertise is clearly there and it only amplifies the already magnificent glory that the other members are constantly delivering in every feasible second of this hour-long album. Across six songs that embody literally everything that has ever made death/doom such a treat to listen to since day one, there isn’t a single one of them that doesn’t make “The Great Hatred” an absolute must-listen album for the style.” - 

“There’s still time for another twenty intense minutes, with the magnificent and painful The Rise Of Phoenix and the more grim and equally emotionally rich The Fall, a worthy closure of almost an hour of great music, ideal nourishment for those looking for robust and, at the same time, melancholic and enveloping sounds.” - Stefano Cavanna - MetalEyes IYE's 

“The Great Hatred makes for an engaging listen and will make you come back to unravel its richly layered and elegantly intertwined compositions. It’s akin to living life all over again. And again.” - 

“The song also furnishes glimpses of tragic beauty through subdued singing and silky guitar arpeggios. It creates a feeling of floating, with glimmers of moonlight penetrating the usually crushing weight of loss that the music brings down. And make no mistake, the song is indeed crushing…” 

“The album flows on its downward path like blood down a drain, but the human core beneath those growls remains present in a particular way that offsets the angular noise or chug or even just the dirge-plod of the guitars, and in those moments where The Great Hatred pushes into a faster progression, as in the second half of the title-track, setting up a stretch of Katatonia-esque melody, they don’t lose sight of their expressive purpose.” -